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Inspection solutions

We verify that the merchandise is manufactured according to the requirements and quality standards, we speed up the import process and we verify that the supplier is reliable.

Streamline the customs process

Pre-shipment Inspection

Solution focused on streamlining the import clearance process for shipments from Asia.

  • Complete analysis Complete analysis of the load and review of the products to load: quantity, packaging, labeling, shipping marks. productos a cargar: cantidad, empaque, etiquetado, shipping marks
  • Photographs of the product, packaging, labeling, loading process and sealed container

Free your shipments from customs up to 48 hrs. faster!

What is it?

It is the physical inspection of the merchandise at its origin when it is loaded into the container.


Fines for errors and discrepancies of origin.
Extraordinary expenses for bad labeling.
Damages to merchandise due to packaging, packing, stowage and loading malpractice.
Risk of incurring storage payments and / or delays.
Additional charges for document correction.


Cost of maneuvers in destination port.
Waiting time for customs clearance.
The manipulation of your merchandise.
Uncertainty about the physical state of the merchandise and its labeling.

Product review

Quality inspection

Solution focused on reviewing the quality of raw materials and finished products, in compliance with AQL international quality standards.

  • The conditions of machines and operators during production
  • Atributos positivos y negativos del producto
  • Production line flow
  • Anomalies detected according to the evaluation criteria established by the client
  • Clear images of each process

Choose the stage

We adapt to the sample size you need to inspect, from 1% to 100% of the units.

Pre-production (0%)

We verify the quality of raw materials and supply times.

Early production (1% - 20%)

We verify customer requirements and detect deviations promptly.

Producción en Proceso (21% - 99%)

We verify the product in process to detect deviations and reduce risks in the rest of the production.

Post Producción (100%)

We verify random samples of 100% finished product, under AQL * or customer standard.

Preventive measures

Supplier audit

Process to avoid establishing commercial relationships with unreliable suppliers.

  • Certifications
  • Lisencing
  • Conditions of the productive, administrative and financial infrastructure
  • Investigation of the company through the pertinent government agencies to ensure compliance with its fiscal, employer and commercial obligations
  • Photographs of the facilities, equipment, machinery and personal
  • Any other aspect that is important to the client

Comprehensive audit

First time buying from a supplier in Asia?

Auditoria En planta

Save yourself the cost of transporting you to know the company, we will audit them for you in your production plant and / or facilities.


We validate commercial references, operating and export licenses, interview the production managers and the owner of the company.

Evidancia del proceso

We photograph the entire process in detail for you so you can be sure that you are paying a legally established and reputable company, avoiding fraud and other commercial risks.

Industries We Inspect

Herramientas eléctricas.
Lámparas, focos y equipo de iluminación.
Vehículos eléctricos.
Audio & Video.
Accesorios electrónicos.
TI & Telecomunicación.
Juguetes electrónicos.

Ropa, moda.
Accesorios para la moda.
Textiles para el hogar.
Telas & Estambres.
Telas para tapicería.
Productos de piel y sustitutos.
Equipaje, maletas & bolsos.
Productos plásticos & látex.
Salud & belleza.

Productos para el hogar.
Muebles de interior & jardín.
Cristalería & Cerámica.
Productos de cocina.
Insumos médicos.
Artículos de oficina y mobiliario.

Equipo mecánico.
Partes para maquinaria.
Láminas de metal.
Películas plásticas.
Cintas adhesivas.
Herramientas & Equipo.
Productos de construcción.
Maquinaria ligera y pesada.

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