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General register of importers

As an international marketer we can import and sell abroad, carrying out all the procedures to comply with the applicable regulations. Both for import and export. 

If your company does not have a General Register of Importers and you want to make imports, we offer you the trading service, we offer you the advantage of making your imports through our company without the need for your company to get involved in customs procedures, records or other tax obligations. Your operations will be supported by expert executives in foreign trade and customs that are part of our company.

Register of textile and clothing importers

Those companies that import merchandise classified in the tariff fractions included in Chapters 50 to 63 of the General Import and Export Tax Rate (TEXTILES AND CONFECTION) will have to register in this new and specific Register of Importers. If you are not registered in the Register of Importers or the Textile Sector we offer you the solution to carry out your imports of textile products to Mexico from anywhere in the world, quickly and at the best cost, without you or your company registering in the Register of Importers and the Textile Sector or comply with any other registry, or carry out customs procedures and procedures before government agencies.

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