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Large coverage

Coordination and Integrated Logistics

Objective and efficient cargo consolidation services designed for different modes of transportation. 


A wide variety of transportation for all types of goods.


Competitive and reliable transportation services anywhere in the world.

Ocean Freight

We guarantee shipments for any type of cargo in full container.


Transport of a single load to do it in a more efficient way.


Customs clearance

We are experts in the import and export customs operation of all kinds of products.
We have extensive experience in the correct tariff classification, declaration of foreign trade taxes and compliance with non-tariff regulations through a professional operating structure.


We offer international cargo movement service in any of its modalities.

  • Ground
  • Air
  • Maritime
  • Intermodal
Loading of cargo containers to airplane at airport.


Find the best personalized option for your shipment.

Goods insurance

We offer the best coverage in warehouse-warehouse insurance. Protect your investment against loss, damage, theft and accidents. We insure all types of merchandise during transport.


Exclusive coverage

With Pacífica you will obtain exclusive coverage services, in order to offer you peace of mind and guarantee the safety of your merchandise.

  • Total Theft / Partial Theft 
  • OTR (Ordinary Traffic Risks) 
  • Theft with violence / Theft without violence 
  • Acts of Terrorism 
  • Stay for up to 90 days in tax compound 
  • Labels and wrappers 
  • Critical Equipment 
  • General average  
  • Bulk Products and Refrigerated Products 
  • Loading and unloading maneuvers 
  • Own transport and 4 
  • Acts of Authority 
  • Returns 
  • Deferred Unpacking 
  • Replacement of parts of a machine or article 
  • Temperature variation


PACIFICA CL offers consulting services to guide and be able to carry out the work objectively and efficiently.



Everything is under control in our hands.

Warehousing and distribution

We have a Warehouse Management system with vast experience in the field. We put at your disposal a Total Control of inventories and the entire cycle of Storage and Distribution.

Storage and distribution are the options that represent a basic competitiveness strategy as they are linked to the movement of international cargo.


Weighing coordination

Service designed for different modes of transportation (air, sea and land, the latter in its modes of auto transport and rail).


We offer you our Door to Door and Port to Door service from different parts of the world, contributing with your operations in time, form, cost, agility, carrying out all the corresponding procedures.

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